NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head, Caught on Tape During Orlando Magic Game Video

Reporter: More than 37,000 cheerleaders went to the emergency room last year. Abc’s linsey davis with the story. The incident is raising new questions about whet sport of cheering is too extreme. But her fall sheds light on the extreme stunts that are now the status quo for cheerleading on the big stage. Those nail-biting moves can carry dangerous consequences. And they told us on the high school and college level, they have implemented a new set of rules just a few years ago that actually ban the type of pyramid they were doing at the magic game.

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“id”:17726047,”title”:”NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head During Orlando Magic Game”,”duration”:”3:00″,”description”:”The Singapore Pools Result cheerleader is recovering after terrifying accident that was caught on tape.”,”url”:”/GMA/video/nba-cheerleader-falls-head-caught-tape-orlando-magic-17726047″,”section”:”GMA”,”mediaType”:”Default”

Quantcast But for jamie woode, there was no losing her team spirit. Woode is now in stable condition. We want to say the cheerleader is fine. That’s four-times more than in 1980. That’s why the american academy of pediatrics is pushing to reduce the risk on these daredevil stunts. Cheerleaders crash-landing after stunts gone wrong. You see her leg get caught on his shoulder. And abc news reached out to the american association of cheerleading coaches. Reporter: Videos highlighting the injuries are all over youtube. They’re share in competitive cheerleading. Reporter: It’s a routine cheerleading stunt gone terribly wrong. For “good morning america,” linsey davis, abc news, new york. Casey and corey braunstein aren’t just sisters. The catastrophic injuries from all of the tumbling and flipping ranks second only to football. NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head, Caught on Tape During Orlando Magic Game Video – ABC News

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Transcript for NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head During Orlando Magic Game

on the nba cheerleader who took a stunning plunge during a stunt. Reporter:30-year-old orlando magic stunt team cheerleader jamie woode lost her footing. But the video is a little tough to watch. Nothing to stop Singapore Pools Result her. And landing right on her head, breaking a rib and three vertebrae during an orlando magic game against the new york knicks tuesday night. Today’s acrobatic stunts practically reach the ceiling. Even as she left the court in a stretcher. Cheerleading is a the highest risk sport for a catastrophic head or neck injury. Flipping from pyramids and stumbling out of control. And nothing there. Flips nearly 20 feet in the air. I tore my patella. I told my acl

NBA Cheerleader Falls on Her Head, Caught on Tape During Orlando Magic Game Video